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Anavar as a miracle bodybuilding drug

Anavar is an androgenic-anabolic steroid that is involved in improving the physical performance of an athlete or the libido in a common man. Previously the drug was used only for relieving joint and bone pain and treating severe cases of osteoporosis. Anavar behaves remarkably as a weight gaining supplement, which are applicable for people who have suffered excessive weight loss due medical emergencies.

How do supplements of Anavar work?

Anavar is also known by its chemical name called Oxandrolone that belongs to the category of Class I anabolic steroids. During several pharmacological experiments, it has been noticed that Anavar works in the body by effectively binding to the androgen specific receptors, via weak bondage interactions. Best information on Anavar supplements, beneficial impacts and legal status across the world is available in many reputed online steroid forums. Anavar has a half life of just 8 hours and within this time, it do not cause any aromatization reactions on coming in contact with DHT or dihydrotestosterone. DHT is the active androgen derivative of testosterone that actually stimulates the growth and development of muscle tissues, unlike normal testosterone that improves fertility chances and libido in men.

Aromatization occurs by conversion of male sex hormones (androgens) into female sex hormones (estrogens), with the aid of aromatase enzyme. Higher levels of estrogen concentration in men can result in feminine features, the most prominent one being Gynecomastia (enlargement of the chest region appearing like breasts). Similarly if the levels of testosterone production go up in females, it results in emergence of facial hair and voice deepening like men. Therefore the regulation of androgen to estrogen conversion can be prevented only by suppressing the action of aromatase. Oxandrolone is one aromatase inhabiting compound that blocks the conversion pathway, thus restoring masculine characteristics in men. Recent reports suggest that Anavar is not a typical strong androgenic steroid and can even prove extremely harmless if taken with strict guidelines and care.

How to take Anavar?

The oral form of the drug is preferable by majority of the professional users. The recommended dosage pattern is two to four times of the drug taken per day under the supervision of a health expert. The best actions from suggestive drug doses can be obtained by strictly abiding to the guidelines provided so as to avoid possible risks of adversities. The end results totally depend on how well you are responding to the steroid therapy and your present medical conditions.

For women athletes, the cutting cycle of Anavar suggests that the safe dose for losing effective weight is 10 mg of the drug taken every day. This particular dose has shown to burn extra body fat that has accumulated due to excess calorie intake, and is necessary to be maintained in the proposed diet chart. Instead of straightaway kicking the dose concentration to the extreme 20 mg of Anavar pills, a gradual increment of 5 mg per day is advisable. For men bodybuilders, a striking 50 mg a day dose is recommended, keeping in mind the strong build up of muscles and strength. If you want to know more on the cutting and bulking cycles, the best information on Anavar is available online that will guide you depending on your choice of action.

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