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Eating Organic Keeps People Healthier

Whilst organic foods are more expensive, the extra cost also makes it possible to avoid the excessive costs involved in seeing a doctor. That is because choosing organic is more nutritional and safe. When you follow an organic diet, you naturally make it possible to improve your quality of health and life.

Commercial Growing—The Statistics

When you consider that over 600 active chemicals are used to grow produce, that equates to about 16 pounds of pesticides used per person annually. Plus, reports indicate that most of the chemical applications have not been tested for their long-term health effects.

Increased Nutrition and Better Health

Also, organically grown food contains more nutrients, or enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. Therefore, eating five servings each day of organically grown vegetables (such as cabbage, potatoes, spinach, lettuce, or carrots) supplies the proper amount of vitamin C.

However, the same number of servings of commercially grown vegetables does not meet this requirement. Research shows that, on average, organically grown foods supply over 20% more iron, 27% more vitamin C, 14% more phosphorous, and almost 30% more magnesium.

Betting-tasting Food

Not only that, organic vegetables in Dubai and other places in the world also taste much better because the soil is well-balanced, thereby producing stronger and healthier plants. This fact is particularly true for heirloom plants that are cultivated for taste over appearance.

In addition, organic produce is not genetically modified or engineered. Organic meats and dairy foods are healthier as well. More than 90% of the pesticides used in the US, for example, are found in the tissues and fats of meat and dairy products. Unfortunately, chickens, pigs, and cows are fed fish meal, grains, and by-products that are heavily laden with chemicals and toxins. As a result, lower-fat animal products are considered less harmful as fewer toxins and chemicals accumulate in the foods.

The Danger of Adding Hormones

Hormone supplementation is probably the biggest concern when it comes to farmed fish, dairy products, and beef. Europe’s scientific community concurs that any level of hormones cannot be considered safe, and growth hormones are banned in the processing of foods in this part of the world. Choosing to eat organic products is particularly important for pregnant women, children, and women who are nursing.

An Eco-friendly Way to Farm

Organic farming is also eco-friendly. The preservation of crop rotation and chemical abstinence keeps the ecosystem healthy. Wildlife and organisms in the soil can play their roles without the need to compromise the process.

Because agricultural pesticides, chemicals, and fertilisers contaminate the environment, they also destroy fertile or valuable farmland and precious water supplies. Organic farming, on the other hand, does not permit any use of toxic chemicals, and instead necessitates ongoing and responsible management of the soil. According to entomologists, only .1% of an applied pesticide reaches target pests. The remainder of the chemical impacts the environment. Producing organic foods keeps both people and the environment healthier and safer overall.

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