Some Interesting Phenomenon Associated With En caul Birth?


Caul Birth is somewhat a rare phenomenon and it does work out to be a mystery for both the doctors along with the mothers. This situation is going to occur, whereby the fetus is born and the amniotic sac is intact. In fact the process of delivery becomes a lot easy and it does cause minimum amount of discomfort for the mother along with the baby.

This does brings the question on why this type of birth does occur in the first place. If you are lucky to be part of this birth, then you would need to understand more about it. It is also goes by the name of veil birth

Let us find some interesting trends about En caul birth

  • The birth tends to be a lot predictable- this form of birth is a lot predictable, where you can locate the place of birth, well in advance
  • You need to understand that it is a rare occurrence- it is stated that those of you this type of birth, does have it in their family line and the possibility of this type of birth is 1 out of 80,000.
  • The veil also goes by the name of Caul- this is termed as full face mask that emerges due to the amniotic sac that covers the face of the baby during the time of birth. The babies who generally have this type of birth are known as caul bearers.
  • The process of removal of the sac works out to be a bit complicated- ideally the doctors go on to cut a couple of holes in the nostrils where one is in the mouth that would allow the child to breathe. It is then the vein should be slowly peeled off from the face so that any form of damage does not occur
  • You tend to preserve the caul- the steps that are followed for the removal of the caul is a bit clumsy. In normal cases it is handed over to the mother to preserve it. Instructions are given to them so that they keep them in jars or buckets of water. They could be folded and kept them in envelopes. It is during the medieval times, women used to go on to sell their cauls to sailors as the general feeling is that possession of them is going to prevent them from drowning.
  • The myth refer that babies who are born with cauls are extra special- the religious bearers have a different view point with regards to caul birth. The feeling is that it is an aspect to serve mankind and many feel that the kid is special and is bestowed with some special properties which makes them king. The powers could range from natural healers, leadership abilities or some special insights.

The miracle associated with this form of birth is worth an experience in itself. The main reason could be that this is a form of birth pretty much on the rarer side.

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