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Missionary Camps In Honduras – Bringing Pleasure For The People

Honduras is a place in the Central America, where a lot of people are suffering from the different disease and epidemics. People like Elizabeth Rehnke organize medical health camps with several NGO’s to provide medical help to these people. The medical needs of the people there are shocking. The quality of the water in the country is very poor and many are suffering from the bacterial infections and fungal infections of the skin. And due to the lack of the medical facilities many are lifted untreated and the problems become more severe.

Relieving the sufferers

Social workers serve these people by providing them treatments and medication. Most of the women’s belonging to the rural areas suffer from neck, back and headaches because of their lifestyle. They walk long distances with the babies on their back to get to the places. Because these people are poor and don’t have money to afford fares and even medication. There are no facilities for the transportation and due to this situation get worse. The medical needs of the people of the Honduras are very large. Medical missions are organized and many medical teams along with the volunteers visit these places to help the poor people. There are serious and non-serious medical needs of the people of the Honduras. The non-serious needs include simple coughs, minor illness, intestinal viral infection and viral upper respiratory illness.

Situations of the backward areas

It is observed by the medical teams that the people who visit the medical camps have multiple health concerns and issues. This is due to the lack of the medical clinics and hospitals. The people of the backward areas just rely on the medical camps from where they have hope of getting treatments. Social workers devote their time and effort to help these people. People like Liz Rehnke who has been working for the betterment of the people since her childhood is really an inspiration to many.

Social workers are associated with the non-governmental organization and raise funds to provide medical facilities and medical supplies to these remote areas. Children there is suffering from the malnutrition and don’t have any hope of education. Children there are the only hope of the Honduras.

And humanitarians are working for the education of the children through funds they have started school. These people have always helped in shaping the future of the children of the Honduras. Humanitarians are the great people who are born to help others.

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