PCT Cycle: Is it required after steroid?

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The acronym PCT means post cycle therapy in the steroid world. This is a common practice among gymnasts, athletes and bodybuilders who are using anabolic steroids or other types of hormones. Steroid cycles are combinations of steroids and hormones and are used in order to accelerate muscle mass gains, to enhance physical performance, and stamina and endurance. You must also be aware that using anabolic steroids without a prescription is illegal and might put you at risk. But there are legal alternatives as well and you can use that instead. When you are engaging yourself in PCT steroids procedure, don’t just limit your focus on the benefits and put blinders on, but be educated regarding potential risks and side effects of such practices. When steroid use is discontinued you must seek a physician and carry your PCT on recommendation.

You feel the serious consequences on your body level also mental level. If you don’t follow PCT after steroid cycle, first and serious thing is your testosterone level will very lower or infertility. Also your hair will fall soon body muscle is not in control it will become loose also you will be feel heavy. So PCT is very important thing. If you are hunting for the best PCT, you must know that it depends on what have you been taking and for how long, and if you monitored your hormone levels before, during and after a cycle. It is best that when you decide of taking steroids, that you get yourself good products for PCT. It is actually the most important part of a cycle. There is a lot more things to understand and write about PCT.There are different products for different requirement which can be used.  If you looking for a best PCT cycle to keep all your hard gained muscles and organs healthy you can look for an ultimate guide on PCT for the most popular anabolic steroids at different websites, forums and discussion panels. You require an expert opinion when steroid use is discontinued.

There are many PCT techniques to be followed after steroid cycle. An effective post cycle therapy generally includes a few things:

  • A SERM
  • An Aromatase Inhibitor
  • And Other PCT supplements (not mentioned here) as well as on cycle support.

Each one has a very special role in your PCT and are all vital in guaranteeing a successful cycle and long lasting gains. Therefore it is also important to carry your steroid cycle efficiently and then seek your PCT properly on the recommendation of your doctor.

Post cycle therapy is a process that involves specific compounds, nutrition, and drugs (medicines) to help control levels of estrogen, re-regulate hormonal levels and get you back to normal after a cycle of prohormones/steroids. The most important and necessary element in a PCT program is based on restoring the body’s endogenous testosterone production. The Post-cycle therapy is uniquely designed to give the body a disruption from steroid / growth factor/hormone use. You might be amazed at the number of bodybuilders and athletes who cycle steroids totally ignore PCT steroids recommendations.

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