The proper way to use the Lialda drug


The lialda drug that has Mesalamine in it as the main ingredient is the substance that will affect those objects that causes inflammation, tissue damage and diarrhoea in your body. If you want to treat mild to moderate ulcerative colitis in adults then also this drug is very useful. If prevent the symptoms of ulcerative colitis from recurring then also this drug is very helpful. This medicine will work by decreasing the swelling of the colon.

How to use the drug lialda?

This medicine should be taken as per instructions of a doctor. Take this medicine in your mouth with your meal and it is advised to take it once daily.

The right way to intake this medicine is by swallowing it. You should not crush, chew or break the tablet. It is very important that the drug get released once it has reached the colon. To know more about this drug and its uses you should visit North Drugstore website.

Your medical condition and also your response to the treatment will determine the dosage of the medicine. It is very important to take the medicine once daily. It is recommended to take the medicine daily at the same time.

You should consult your doctor if you are having any kind of side effects.

The precautionary measures that should be taken before taking the lialda drug

Before taking this drug that you are not allergic to certain substances like Mesalamine since it is the main ingredient of lialda. Also make sure that you are not allergic to other amino salicylate substances like olsalazine or balsalazide. You should not be allergic to salicylate or sulfasalazine.

You doctor or the pharmacist should know about your medical history before that provide you with this drug. In medical conditions related to kidney, liver, stomach you should avoid this drug.

Children and teenagers should be avoided from this drug.

There are certain risks and side effects of using this drug lialda if you are pregnant. So you should consult a doctor before taking it. When you are breast feeding then this medicine can pass onto the breast milk and this might cause unhealthy effects on the infant.

Interaction with the drug

Mesalamine is the main ingredient of the lialda drug. This Mesalamine substance is very similar to certain substances like balsalazide, olsalazine and sulfasalazine so when you are taking this medicine do not use any other products that contain any of the above mentioned products.

While going for any kind of medical tests make sure that you and re not using this lialda drug since this medicine affects the result of certain medical examinations like urine normetanephrine level and even produces false results.

If overdose of this drug happens

If you are taking the lialda medication make sure that you do not overdose yourself because it may cause serious problems like passing out or even trouble with breathing.If such cases happen make sure to call an ambulance immediately. Do not share this medicine with anyone.



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