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Phentermine is for supressing the appetite. This is popular as psychostimulant which is similar to amphetamines. This is the reason it is controlled substance. People become addicted and it can also be misused. But this phentermine works best for weight loss but under perfect supervision. This canbe used by people who are enrolled for different weight loss programs. But the thing is it has many side effects. Phentermine, as well as many other appetite supressing medicines are beneficial when they are used with any weight loss program. The weight loss speed is also more.

Results for Weight loss after using Phentermine

The results vary from person to person. The phentermine action on suppressing the appetite also varies in the weight loss as well as how quick the person is losing weight. These suppressants are not for replacing the diet or nutrition. This supplement can be used for short term by individuals for treating who are obese and with high body mass index.  When under supervision, it can be used for long time to treat other disorders which are caused due to overweight like diabetics, cholesterol and blood pressure. Qsymina can also be used long term for weight loss management. When this drug Qsymia is added with Topiramate, good results are seen in reducing weight as well as maintaining weight.There are many people who achieved success using Phentermine. This must be used under supervision for weight loss. The weight loss also varies from person to person and it depends on weight of the person, age, health. The weight loss also depends on any disorders like cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes.

Side effects of using Phentermine

Phentermine provides best results for weight loss for who are obese as well as overweight. But it also had many side effects which can be mild or sever. When a person is looking to use this Phentermine it is suggested to take the advice of doctor and follow the instructions. This supplement is also called Suprenza which can cause side effects like dizziness, headache, sometimes it also increases the blood pressure. It can also affect the memory of a person and create anxiety, depression as well as blurry vision. This is why this supplement is sold only if it is prescribed and must be used under supervision of specialist for weight loss. This must be used with caloric restriction with a balanced as well as nutritious diet with workouts. Depending on the dosage and person, the results will vary.  The recommended dosage is 37.5mg and a person can start with less dosage. Depending on the reaction and how it is working on an individual the dose can be changed. For few people results are seen quickly. But it is not prescribed for long term as a person gets addicted. Though it is effective for weight loss, it must not be used under long term, if used one must be using it under supervision of a specialist. Visit the website link http://fckfat.com/phentermine-diet-plan/ to know more about the Phentermine diet plan.

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