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Understanding the finer nuances of Body Contouring

The modern day lifestyle has gone through drastic changes which has had a direct impact on the health of people. Obesity has become one of the major issues of the modern world as neither are people conscious about their diet nor do they get enough time to exercise to sweat out the excess calories and toxins. Moreover, latest innovations having given the modern day man the convenience of bypassing every little chore that could help in shedding those extra pounds, the problem of obesity all the more looms large. Scientific innovations have also given man the liberty to undergo procedures that can help in getting rid of that extra fat from the body with the help of non-invasive medical procedures and this process is popularly known as body contouring.

Clinics like Sono Bello that have multi-city presence offer dedicated services in the domain of body and face sculpting and are highly sought after for their excellent services.

Procedures that are ideally used for body sculpting include:

  • Cool Sculpting
  • Ultra-Lipo
  • Bipolar and Tripolar Radio Frequency
  • Endermologie

The basic process by which these procedures are carried out include break down of the fact tissues within the body followed by their excretion via the body’s metabolic system. Since these procedures simply use varying wavelengths to carry out the contouring work, these are safe and not invasive at all. At Sono Bello the most sophisticated non-invasive procedures in body contouring are carried out in the presence of expert technicians and cosmetic surgeons.

Who all can undergo body contouring procedures?

Practically anyone, not really suffering from deadly maladies or having the tendency to develop severe allergic reactions on expesure to certain wavelengths of light can undergo this process. The only limitation that experts at Sono Bello suggest can be encountered is old age as with age the body’s metabolism tends to weaken due to which the broken down fat tissues are not excreted out of the system properly.

What are the most common areas where the procedure is performed?

Body contouring procedures are usually performed along the radius of the middle of the torso and the following areas are usually considered for the procedures:

  • Love handles
  • buttocks
  • thighs
  • abdomen
  • elbow
  • calves
  • upper arms

While the expert cosmetic surgeons at Sono Bello give clients the best treatment and ensure that the procedure performed has lasting effects, clients also must remember that body contouring is essentially a fact reduction procedure which is just as good as any weight loss procedure. Therefore, people need to maintain their bodies very diligently after going through these procedures as any unbalanced diet or a slacked lifestyle can immediately bring back the unwanted mass in the body.

Therefore, it can well be said that while science has indeed opened many avenues for mankind to skip the tough way and yet get desired results, the ultimate onus still lies on us as no matter what procedures are performed, for their effect to last a structured regimen has to be maintained at all costs.

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