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What Is Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine is an annual subscription to provide oneself with a primary care physician and is often referred to as ‘retainer medicine’. This membership in an affiliated practice includes the MDVIP Wellness Program that encompasses advanced screenings and physician counseling.


Screenings will assess a variety of common health risks ranging from sleep to weight management. The latter can be a common contributor to respiratory issues, nutrition and fitness, heart health and diabetes; all of which would be covered during comprehensive risk factor analysis. Emotional well-being comes courtesy with your cover, as would hearing, vision and sexual health checks.

Cardiovascular Screening

A comprehensive MDVIP-affiliate physician will optimize your screening by utilizing lab and testing procedures tailored to your needs. Important and common risks are prioritized, checks for common diseases, analyzing nutrition and insuring a standard of your vitals is paramount in ensuring your health is above board. The most comprehensive heart and stroke screening will be available. The risk of developing cardiovascular disease can be tested and has been developed by the number one health clinic in the country, Cleveland Clinic.

Personal Wellness Plan

Implementation of your personal wellness plan throughout the year will come into fruition post consultation with your physician; your medical examination can be performed at your home near an affiliated clinic. During this time you will receive any recommended preventative procedures.

Electronic Personal Health Record

As courtesy to your plan your MDVIP-affiliate will have access to the Electronic Personal Health Record. This record consists of your EKG, laboratory and screening reports and concisely lists any allergies or afflictions you may suffer with. The record will also include more detailed information regarding past medical, social and family history to define you as an individual as opposed to just a patient. Emergency contact information is also stored here, as is any personal identification.


Members of clinics supporting this program will receive advantages such as the aforementioned MDVIP Wellness Program, Physician counseling, custom wellness plan and Electronic Personal Health Record will be included. Receiving concierge medicine in clarkston mi Chicago or anywhere else across the United States comes hand in hand with the plan. The importance of this comes in the form of specialist or second opinions that the other clinics have to offer.

24 Hour Care

The benefits of signing up to this program can also be found in their twenty-four hour support; offering advice from approved physicians via mobile or pager. Your needs are taken seriously with readily available appointments that can be made and attended on the same day. Unhurried office visits will also prove invaluable in ensuring you are looked after. The on-hand specialists will be available for follow up appointments at a time that suits you by a practice tailored around your needs. If you require care while travelling you are in good hands. The same benefits are available across the country for same-day appointments and the exact same specialist care you would come to expect from the program.

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